Titebond Ceiling Tile Adhesive

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Titebond Ceiling Tile Adhesive

Titebond ceiling tile adhesive specially designed for easy and safe installation of ceiling tiles. It eliminates sagging by holding materials firmly in place. It offers high adhesion to various surfaces including concrete, drywall, plaster and even painted surfaces. Titebond ceiling tile adhesive has proven to be environmentally superior mainly because it does not contain any dangerous ozone depleting chemicals. It is non-flammable, cleans up with water, and it doesn’t emit any harmful fumes. Moreover, remains highly flexible and is not affected by moisture.

Features of Titebond ceiling tile adhesive

1. VOC compliant

VOC compliant means that the level of VOC (volatile organic compounds) in Titebond ceiling tile adhesive is compliant with regulation. Using a product that is VOC compliant is a sure-fire way of ensuring that you are doing business with a company that respects national, local and state environmental laws. Therefore, by using this environmentally conscious product, you limit your exposure to various volatile chemicals that carry serious health risks.

2. No sag installation

Using Titebond ceiling tile adhesive to install your acoustic ceiling tiles as directed ensures that your tiles won’t slump after application. Gravity is the primary challenge, and the weight of the tiles can easily cause them to slip or sag during and after installation. Titebond ceiling tile adhesive is specially designed to prevent tiles from slipping or sagging.

3. Can be applied using a mason’s trowel

A mason’s trowel used for spreading and leveling Titebond ceiling tile adhesive on the tiles. This installation process does not require any sophisticated tools since the mason’s trowel is readily available in most homes and office settings.

4. Begins hardening immediately

Titebond ceiling tile adhesive starts to harden immediately after installation. Therefore, you can rest assured that your acoustical ceiling tiles will be held firmly in place exactly where you installed them. It allows you to actualize your initial plan correctly.

5. NPFA Class A fire rating (In accordance with ASTM E-84)

Class A or Class 1 fire rating means that the adhesive is highly resistant to fire and flames do not spread quickly. Experts recommend using products and materials with class A fire rating in residential dwellings. In the US, public buildings including schools, prisons, hospitals and nursing homes must adhere to the highest fire safety standards. In fact, most public buildings are required to use Class A fire rated materials. It makes Titebond ceiling tile adhesive ideal for public buildings, large commercial spaces, auditoriums, religious facilities, offices, cafeterias, gymnasiums and much more.

6. Passes ASTM D-1779 specification

ASTM D-1779 specification mainly covers requirements for adhesives which are intended for use in acoustical bonding materials to ceilings and walls. Tests are conducted to determine various adhesive properties such as volume shrinkage, cracking, surface adherence, wetting, adhesion strength, tensile strength, and plasticity.

Titebond ceiling tile adhesive maintains a particular bond strength and tensile adhesion for an extended period under the moisture and temperature conditions likely to be encountered. It also maintains sufficient plasticity that allows movement of different parts of buildings as they age making it ideal for installing acoustical ceiling tiles.