USG Astro Acoustical Panels



Benefits of USG Astro Acoustical Panels

You’ve probably had the experience of being in an office or room that sounds empty. In most cases, hard flooring such as concrete or ceramic tile sound bounces from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall creating an echo. Instead of only covering up your floor with a carpet, you can enjoy a better solution to your problem by installing USG Astro Acoustical Panels which are very sound absorbent.

1. Highly light reflective (Light reflectance of up to .86)

USG Astro Panels let light reflect back into space which helps you save money, especially in utility costs. These panels are available in many different levels of fire resistance, humidity resistance, and reflectivity.

2. Noise reduction

Acoustical Panels have a house reduction coefficient (NRC) of 50 55. USG Astro Panels works with numerous vendors with top-class sound absorption knowledge. Besides offering ceiling tiles for a good, affordable price, most of these vendors are also the best companies in their niche. Noise reduction has proven to be vital when trying to converse with other people. It is a major concern for open workplaces (like coffee shops, offices, and libraries), restaurants and event spaces.

3. Flexibility

USG Astro Panels are very flexible and easily installed in any room. Hanging acoustical panels with a metal grid hung from the original ceiling with wire troops. A panel rests in each rectangle, and fluorescent lighting drops into any square mainly because the entire fixture is exactly a single unit. In case dust or smoke mars the finish, Astro Acoustical Panels clean easily; also impact resistant and easily replaced if damaged.

4. Available in a wide range of designs

Available as fine-textured, non-fissured and non-perforated ceiling panels, Astro Acoustical Panels designed for a high level of aesthetics and performance. You can rest assured that you’ll find a designed that will meet your performance required or even match the existing décor.

5. Lifetime warranty

Astro Panels offer sag resistance and resistance to mold and mildew. It ensures that your acoustical panels will always look as good as new for a long time with minimal care and maintenance requirements.

6. Environmentally friendly

If you want to do something for the environment, you can use Astro Acoustical Panels because they are available with HRC (highly recycled content). It means that wastes are not dumped in landfills because the materials that would otherwise be waste are used to manufacture these panels instead. Therefore, you’ll be helping save the environment by purchasing and using these panels.

7. Optional fire code panels

You can get panels with special fire code rating. These panels are designed to meet life-safety and specific building codes. These are ideal for rooms or buildings where it’s necessary to control the spread of fire. Fire-rated panels are not resistant to fire, but they are treated with fire retardant to provide you with additional protection in case a fire breaks out.

8. Low-emitting products

Astro panels are designed to meet specific environmental specifications for the green building. The panels meet California’s Specification 01350 which encompasses energy efficiency, indoor air quality, non-toxic performance standards and sustainable site planning specifications.

9. Aesthetic appeal

The panels are designed to provide excellent stability and great looks. They can be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of both commercial and residential spaces at a reasonable cost.

10. Minimum Ceiling Attenuation Class of 35

Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) is a performance parameter that indicates speech privacy. It mainly shows the ceiling’s effectiveness when it comes to blocking noise and sound in one room from being transmitted to an adjacent space. It is an important consideration, particularly when teaming or collaboration areas and privacy or focus areas are needed. A CAC rating that is higher than 35 indicates high performance.

Besides taking the hardness out of hard ceilings, USG Astro Acoustical Panels also reduce echo and improve sound quality in any room. Acoustical ceilings also reduce sound that permeates from one room of a house to another. Because acoustical panels usually hang from ceilings, they are handy for hiding wires, pipes, and other unsightly installations while allowing easy and convenient access for remodeling or repairs.