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USG Ceiling Tile – Factors To Consider When Choosing Ceiling Tiles

With the wide variety of USG Ceiling Tile available on the market, choosing the right one for your project and needs can be a daunting task. USG has over 110 years’ experience in producing the perfect ceiling systems for different projects which have different requirements. Whether you are shopping for aluminum, copper, tin, faux tin or wood ceiling tiles for their aesthetic properties, or looking for acoustical ceiling tiles for sound absorption, you can rest assured that you’ll find a style that meets your needs.

1. Ease of installation

What skills and tools does the project require? If you intend to install the ceiling yourself, you should be honest with the store sales staff. It will help you choose ceiling tiles and a support system that matches your skill level. You can also opt for a system that has as few simple installation steps as possible.

The hardware-store staff would rather ensure that the client leaves with the perfect ceiling system rather than seeing them return a product simply because the installation process was more than they could handle. Installing a ceiling system that matches your skill level also ensures that you’ll be satisfied with the product after successful installation.

2. Room size

USG ceiling tile come in many different sizes, and it’s important to consider the size of your room when it comes to choosing ceiling tiles. Standard tiles usually come in a 24 by 24-inch size or 2 by 2-foot size. However, larger tiles are also available, and they come in 24 by 48-inch size or 4 by 4-foot. Ceiling tiles small in size usually preferred for smaller rooms and the bigger ones for larger rooms. Based on the fact that installing larger ceiling tiles in small rooms provides an odd look to the space.

3. Workability

In case you want to install other features in the ceiling, you must consider whether the ceiling system will be robust enough to support more than just tiles. Moreover, the tiles should be easy to cut if you intend to make modifications such as installing lighting fixtures and other accessories to the ceiling.

4. Future repairs

There may come a time when you’ll need to fix your ceiling. Therefore, you must consider both direct installation and future maintenance. Is it easy to get matching replacement tiles? Also, will it be possible to replace a few tiles without taking the entire ceiling system apart?

5. Budget

USG Ceiling Tile available in a wide range of materials and designs which have different costs. Therefore, it is wise to consider your budget when choosing ceiling tiles. A budget largely determined by the type of tiles you want and the size of the room. Before choosing any ceiling tiles, the material and price of the different USG Ceiling Tile available should be taken into account.

However, unlimited by a budget, your options are almost endless including various specialty ceiling tiles and designs, and you are free to choose and install any ceiling tile you want.

6. Can the tiles be repainted?

Although there are numerous colors currently available in the market, most ceiling tiles come in white. It gives a clean, crisp look to the room, but, the tiles can also get dirty depending on what space is used. On the other hand, a few years down the line you might want to change the room’s décor.

In case you intend to make modifications later, you should find colored tiles to fit your ceiling grid or tiles that can be easily repainted even after installation.

7. Consider your needs

Some people want to install ceiling tiles just for the breathtaking interior beauty while others need ceiling tiles which can reduce noise. Therefore, you must consider the reasons why you want to install ceiling tiles to choose tiles that will meet your unique needs. For instance, metal ceiling tiles are highly preferred mainly because of their exceptional quality. However, most people prefer ceiling tiles according to the existing interior design.

8. Quality

There are many different USG Ceiling Tile materials you can choose from especially when it comes to new ceilings. With most of the available options, the main differences are price, appearance, and specific functions.

· Acoustical USG Ceiling Tile: These tiles are specially designed to deaden and absorb sound. Acoustical ceiling tiles can be installed as a suspended ceiling or directly to an existing one. They are most commonly used in various commercial settings but can prove to be a worthy investment if you live close to a neighbor who plays loud music.

· Faux tin USG Ceiling Tile: These tiles mainly made of a composite material manufactured and pressed too closely resemble painted tin tiles. However, faux tin tiles are come in a variety of designs and are cheaper and easier to install. In fact, most people can’t tell the difference between faux tin tiles and the real thing.

· Tin USG Ceiling Tile: They are light-weight, easy to install, attractive and act as both an effective fire barrier and a decorative addition. They come in a wide variety of finishes and intricate designs. Some of the most common shades of paint include gold, polished tin, copper, and silver.

· Copper USG Ceiling Tile: This is one of the fanciest materials when it comes to metal tiles. Although it costs more than other ceiling tile materials, it is unique from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, most ceilings cannot compare to ceilings adorned with polished copper ceiling tiles.

· Wood USG Ceiling Tile: This is a stunning choice especially when it comes to aesthetic appeal. It is more costly, but it can create such a classy, antique and warm look that most people decide that the cost is worth it.

· Aluminum USG Ceiling Tile: Aluminum is so good when it comes to imitating other metals. Although it’s the most affordable of the metal ceiling tiles, it’s virtually indistinguishable from fancy metals such as copper, tin, bronze and gold. As a result, most people find aluminum to be a beautiful and very sensible choice.

Whether it’s for an industrial unit or a home unit, these are some of the factors you must consider when choosing USG ceiling tiles. From having the ceiling match the existing décor to ease installation, it’s mainly about getting everything right for your new project to leave you feeling happy and satisfied.