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USG Clean Room Acoustical Panels

Why Should You Use USG Clean Room Acoustical Panels?

A clean room is a controlled area in which contaminants such as sub-micron particles are controlled to a specified limit. Therefore, clean rooms are designed and manufactured using very strict methods and protocol. The level of contaminants removed depends upon the specifications.

USG Clean Room Acoustical Panels offer superior acoustics while still meeting the high demands of various clean room environments. With these panels, it’s easy to create and maintain clean rooms that allow you to meet the clean room standards. USG Panels are designed to meet workstations requirements specified by Federal Standard 209E. Their design also ensures that they are easy to clean and sag resistant making them ideal for clean room environments.

1. Noise Reduction Coefficient of .55

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is a rating of how much sound a product can absorb. It shows how much quieter USG Panels can make your room. Therefore, the NRC rating shows how much noise these panels can soak up. The Noise Reduction Coefficient rating ranges from 0 to 1. Therefore, an NRC rating of .55 means that these panels absorb up to 55% of the sound in a room.

Noise Reduction Coefficient is necessary especially in spaces where people talk in groups, and there are high levels of sound in the room.

2. Ceiling Attenuation Class rating of minimum 35

Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) rates the ceiling’s efficiency as a barrier to the intrusion of sound between two closed rooms. It is a significant measure that provides acoustical privacy between adjacent rooms where sound can easily penetrate spaces and carry to nearby areas. CAC rating of minimum 35 is preferred for clean rooms and closed offices.

3. Light Reflectance Value of up to .79

Light Reflectance (LR) is a measure of available and visible light that is reflected from the surface of the panels when illuminated by light. Light reflectance commonly used by various design experts such as environmental graphic designers, interior designers, architects and color consultants. Light Reflectance Values are often used by light design professionals to determine the type and number of light fixtures needed to provide sufficient lighting.

With a light reflectance of .79, USG Panels reflect up to 79% of the light in a room which means that you’ll use fewer lighting fixtures to provide proper lighting for your clean room. It will help you save on energy expenses.

4. Ceiling panels ideal for use in Class 100/ISO Class 5 or 10M to 100M clean rooms

Cleanrooms categorized according to the size and number of particles allowed per volume of air. Numbers like Class 100 or Class 10M specify the number or airborne particles of size 0.5 millimeters or larger acceptable per cubic foot of air.

Both USG Clean Room Class 100/ISO Class 5 and Class 10M to 100M panels come with an embossed vinyl laminated faced and with sealed edges and back for use in Federal standard 209E. These panels are ideal for use in scientific research and manufacturing clean rooms with controlled environments that have low levels of contaminants and pollutants such as airborne microbes, chemical vapors, aerosol particles, and dust.

5. USG Clean Room Acoustical Panels are USDA Certified Bio-based products

USG uses biotechnology in the production of acoustical panels which significantly cuts both greenhouse emission and petroleum use. The use of renewable sources is both an economic and an environmentally sound preference for most consumers.

6. The panels are designed to meet life safety codes

Life safety codes the most widely used source for policies to protect occupants based on occupancy features, protection and construction features of buildings that help minimize the effects of hazards that are related to fire in both new and existing structures. USG Clean Room Acoustical Panels are designed with provisions for features of fire protection and special hazard protection in line with life safety codes.

7. 30-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag

USG Clean Room Acoustical Panels come with a 30-year system warranty against sagging so you can rest assured that your acoustical ceiling panels will not sag due to their weight.

8. Available with high recycled content

Using USG Clean Room Acoustical Panels are available with high recycled content (HRC) saves the unnecessary dumping and waste of materials such as fiberglass, metal, and paper which comes as a result of regular replacement of ceilings.

Maintaining specified environmental standards of clean rooms according to Federal standards and controlling noise levels can be a technically challenging and detailed task. Moreover, the specified clean room noise level can be difficult to address primarily because of the specified low level of contamination. However, with USG Clean Room Acoustical Panels, you don’t have to worry about compromising the contamination standards specified for clean rooms or limiting viable solutions available for controlling noise.