USG Fissured Basic Acoustical Panels

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USG Fissured Basic Panels

USG Fissured Basic Acoustical Panels

An In-depth Review of USG Fissured Basic Acoustical Panels

An echoing office can be very annoying especially in workplaces and residential buildings. In such situations, installing acoustical ceilings helps by absorbing sound that would otherwise bounce off the ceiling. These panels assist in controlling noise and sound reverberations so you can enjoy a better sound quality and ambiance. In between the acoustic ceiling and the interior ceiling lies a space in which plumbing, wiring, and lighting fixtures can be installed and conveniently concealed. It is also very handy because these installations can be easily accessed should the need for maintenance arise. USG Fissured Basic Acoustical Panels are an affordable way of enhancing the overall interior of your room and controlling sound reverberations.

USG Fissured Basic Panels used in a wide range of environments commonly employed in convenient stores, mass merchandiser stores, schools, corridors and administrative offices.

Features and benefits of USG Fissured Basic Panels

1. Economical alternative to smooth panels

Compared to other available options such as flat panels, USG Fissured Basic Panels are a cost-effective option. If you want an option that is affordable but will still give you the aesthetic appeal you desire, USG Fissured Basic Panels will meet all your requirements for the job.

USG Fissured Basic Panels are also cost-effective in the sense that they have proven to be more energy efficient because they aid in reducing cold during winters and heat during summers, thus lowering electric bills. It is an excellent option for budgeted projects which require high sound absorption.

2. Less costly repairs

In case any of the ceiling panels are damaged, it is easy to replace individual tiles with minimal cost and fuss. Carrying out repairs to suspended ceilings is much easier compared to repairing traditional ceilings which may entail messy and expensive repairs.

3. Soundproofing

These ceiling panels play a vital role in sound absorption and acoustics. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRD) of 0.55, these panels designed in a way that they work to reduce reverberations making the space cozier and quieter. They absorb up to 55% of noise echoes. They offer superior acoustics by combining high room-to-room sound blocking and high in-room sound absorption capabilities for privacy. It makes surrounding rooms quieter and more comfortable.

4. Ceiling Attenuation Class of 33 to 35

Ceiling Attenuation Class is a widely recognized test standard for measuring the performance of acoustical panels. It is the measure of airborne sound absorbed through the ceiling panels. It is the rating needed for various interior designs such as doctor offices. With a Ceiling Attenuation Class of 33-35, USG Fissured Basic Panels are ideal for most applications where privacy is vital.

5. High light reflectance

Light reflective ceilings improve illumination by reflecting light from both artificial and natural sources. USG Fissured Basic Panels have a light reflectance rating of 0.81 which means that they reflect 815 of the light that land on them. It provides a background that reduces poorly illuminated areas due to shadows from big racks, stacked goods, and large machinery. Therefore, instead of increasing the intensity of lighting units or installing more expensive light fixtures, installing USG Fissured Basic Acoustical Panels is a passive and cost-effective way of improving illumination.

Improved lighting will lead to increased visibility which is a vital consideration for numerous buildings from grocery stores, to warehouses and other commercial establishments. Moreover, light reflective ceilings create inherently safer facilities while saving money and energy for building owners.

6. Available in fire-rated versions

Some versions of USG Fissured Basic Panels are fire-rated and designed to meet even the most demanding life-safety codes. Fire ratings mainly rely on fire resistance assembly rating and material flame spread or smoke development index rating to evaluate compliance. Therefore, installing USG Fissured Basic Acoustical Panels adds an extra layer of fire safety which is extremely critical when it comes to controlling or suppressing the growth of a fire.

In pursuit of acoustically sound rooms that support focus, wellness, and comfort, there is a useful option for improving the experience of occupants. USG Fissured Basic Acoustical Panels outperform comparable ceiling products especially when it comes to sound absorption and blocking making them ideal for commercial buildings where occupant comfort is a top priority.