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USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels

Top 8 Benefits Of Using USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels

When at work or in the comfort of your home, you may be interrupted noises coming from the streets or loud volume of television programs and music from your neighbors. On the other hand, neighbors might complain about the noise that comes from an industry that makes it hard to get a good night’s sleep. It is mainly because sound waves naturally pass through air and walls. Therefore, different frequencies of sound enter and exit buildings and rooms. These sound waves obstructed by installing USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels.

These panels commonly found in places where there are environmental concerns such as home theaters, equipment warehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities, auditoriums, synagogues and temples, corporate offices, churches, and schools.

1. High acoustic performance

USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels have an excellent blend of ceiling sound attenuation (CAC 35-40) and noise reduction coefficient (NRC 0.70). Ceiling attenuation class gives us the amount of airborne sound absorbed by the ceiling panels; the ability of the panels to act as a noise barrier. On the other hand, noise reduction coefficient is a measure of the acoustic performance of the panels. A sound reduction ratio of 0.70 means that the panels absorb 70% of the sound waves that land on them. These tests standards are widely recognized standards for grading acoustic panel performance. USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels reduce reverberation sounds and echoes by absorbing the sound waves.

2. Enhance sound quality

Besides absorbing sound, USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels also improve the quality of speech and sound in a room. Installing these panels in any space creates ideal conditions for business and also enhances productivity because employees can focus on core business operations without any interruptions.

3. Improve the room’s design

Nowadays, aesthetics speak volumes about the company’s standard and public image. Besides enhancing privacy and concentration in doing your task or craft, USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels also provide better aesthetics in room designs. There is a wide variety of colors you can incorporate into any room’s interior design. Therefore, with USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels you don’t have to sacrifice elegance and sophistication for better acoustics.

4. Impact resistant

USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels installed in areas where the construction materials used need to withstand surface impact and occasional abuse. These panels offer high impact resistance which determines their durability making them an ideal choice for various settings including school corridors. Durability an important feature especially when you want to reduce the overall cost of ownership.

5. High light reflectance

With a light reflectance value of 0.84, USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels reflect up to 84% of the light that lands on their surface. Therefore, these panels eliminate the need to install additional lighting fixtures which are an effective way of reducing your energy bills.

6. Zero VOC emissions

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are dangerous organic compounds that have a low boiling point and high vapor pressure. It causes a significant number of molecules to sublimate from the products and enter the surrounding air. These VOCs cause harm to the environment and are also dangerous to human health especially indoors when concentration tends to be highest. USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels have zero VOC emissions which exceed CA specifications 01350. Therefore, these panels do not emit toxic VOCs and hence do not cause any adverse short-term or long-term health effects.

7. Biobased products

USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels are USDA certified biobased products composed in significant part of renewable materials. Therefore, using these panels is an excellent way of alleviating reliance on resources that harm our environment regarding pollution, biodegradability, and toxicity.

8. Available with high Recycled Content

Increasing the percentage of materials in a construction project that comes from recycled materials is a cost-effective and practical way of showing a contribution to sustainable development. Using USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels which are available with High Recycled Content enhances the reputation of your organization by quantifying performance against sustainability. It’s also a step towards meeting environmental performance conditions.

USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels are also available with optional fire code products which are designed to meet life safety codes. They also offer multiple design choices and colors. For exceptional indoor environments and comfort, choose USG Frost Basic Acoustical Panels with outstanding acoustics. It will help you create a unique experience with superior acoustical ceiling panels.