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USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Install USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels

Noise can have a significant impact on our productivity and lifestyle both at the workplace and at home. Controlling reverberation to improve overall sound quality is of utmost importance in both residential and commercial spaces. In such situations, you need a solution that helps in improving sound quality and at the same time reduce noise levels at home or inside your office.

The need for acoustical panels

USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels have proven to be highly effective in instances where sound levels cause a lot of inconvenience to both occupants and neighbors. These acoustical panels are designed to enhance the overall sound quality and control reverberations in your interiors. They have also used the quality of music, speech and the overall quality of life in a wide variety of applications.

Features and benefits of USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels

1. Heavily textured and highly durable cast product

These acoustical panels have a clear, heavily textured finish that adds extra depth and texture to the ceiling surface. They have a durable and scrape-resistant surface making them ideal for use in rooms and spaces that may require regular access to the plenum. USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels recreate a thick texture that is both exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting. They are designed to adapt to challenging conditions including impact, scratches, and scrapes.

2. Go green

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) a group of chemicals commonly found in many products used in the construction and maintenance of both commercial and residential buildings. Products containing VOCs used indoors, release harmful chemicals into the air occupants breathe.

Some of the VOCs that are present in our buildings and homes include formaldehyde, tetrachloroethylene, benzene, xylene, toluene, ethylene glycol, and methylene chloride.Studies show that breathing in low or slightly high levels of VOCs for an extended period increases some people’s risk of serious health problems. Moreover, exposure to VOCs might also make some symptoms worse especially for people with asthma and people who are sensitive to chemicals.

USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels have zero VOC emissions, and this even exceeds CA Specification 01350. Therefore, installing these panels in your office or home is an excellent way of going green because they do not emit any greenhouse gasses or cause adverse health effects associated with Volatile Organic Compounds.

3. Biobased product

USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels derived from renewable materials provide an excellent alternative to petroleum-derived products. Therefore, these acoustical panels help us decrease the use of non-renewable resources such as oil while increasing the use of renewable resources including upstream or intermediate biobased materials such as biopolymers, bio-resins and other renewable or biobased chemicals utilized in the production of consumer, industrial or commercial goods.

4. Create a monolithic ceiling and still maintain functionality

USG has revolutionized that acoustical ceiling world with the unified ceiling system. You can combine 12” x 12” ceiling tiles with the USG Donn Brand DX/DXL concealed suspension ceiling system co-create a seamless and highly innovative monolithic ceiling with excellent acoustic absorption. It allows you to create a uniform acoustical ceiling surface without perforations and visible grids and still maintain the functionality of a suspended or demountable ceiling.

5. Excellent reverberation control

Every building has ceilings, floors, walls and other hard surfaces that lead to reverberation or echo issues. With a noise reduction coefficient rating of 0.65 and ceiling attenuation class of 25-35, USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels are quite useful in spaces and rooms where you face issues such as difficulty understanding speech and distortion of music. The ceiling acts as a barrier to airborne sound, and it also absorbs the sound that lands on its surface.

6. The panels are also available in 2’ x 2.’

USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels are available in varied sizes (2’ x 2’ and 12” x 12”), designs and colors. Therefore, these panels can be used to complement the décor of any space and any color scheme with their beautiful texture and design.

7. The integral color marks scratches and nicks

Scratches and dents on your ceiling can be very annoying because they compromise the aesthetic appeal of the entire room. USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels have a basic color that hides scratches and imperfections which enhance lifelong panel appearance.

8. Enhance fire and life safety

You can opt for fire code USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels that are designed to meet fire and life safety codes. These panels protect people and property based on construction features that minimize the spread and effects of fire. They can enhance life safety in both existing and new buildings.

9. Ecofriendly

The panels are also available with high recycled content which helps interior designers and architects with the process of the green specification. Using high levels of recycled content also helps divert waste from landfills. USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels are designed to help architects attain green building credits using tools such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

10. Energy conservation

The light reflectance (LR) rating of 0.70 means that these panels reflect up to 70% of the light that lands on the ceiling surface. It improves illumination inside the room which eliminates the need to install additional lighting features or increase their intensity and this in turn results in energy savings.

USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panels produced with a unique cast process that gives them excellent appearance, durability, and exceptional noise reduction. Besides offering excellent sound control, these heavily textured acoustical panels are also easy-to-clean and scratch resistant making them ideal for use in an array of locations including hospitality environments, restaurants, food courts, and libraries.