USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels

USG Halcyon Large Acoustical Panels

USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels

What Are The Benefits Of Using USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels?

USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels absorb sound to prevent it from being reflected off the surface they cover. These panels are mainly used to eliminate reflections and echoes that muddle speech and music. They also reduce sound reverberation levels in spaces, and this provides ambient noise reduction.

Some suitable applications of USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels include:

· Reducing reverberations and slap-back echo in open-plan offices, auditoriums, contemporary religious halls and other large rooms.

· Improving clarity and surround sound imaging for sports, video games, and movies in home theaters.

· Reducing noise and chatter in crowded spaces, bars, and restaurants.

· Providing precise ambient listening conditions in open-plan offices, control rooms, and recording studios.

These panels are intended to improve the quality of sound in a room by reducing decay or reverberation and attenuating sound reflections.

1. Excellent noise reduction

If you have problems with noise and sound quality, you need a highly efficient material that will take care of these challenges. USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels made from fiberglass substrate which has very high levels of sound absorption. These panels have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of between 0.90 and 1.00. It means that they absorb between 90% and 100% of the sound waves that land on the ceiling surface. Therefore, these are highly absorptive acoustical panels that will bring about the best results when it comes to noise reduction, especially in open-plan offices.

2. High level of attenuation

USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels have a Ceiling Attenuation Class rating of between 25 and 30. This value is ideal for open plan offices because the measure provides acoustic privacy between adjacent rooms or workplaces particularly when sound can easily penetrate the plenum and carry to other places. These panels are an efficient barrier even to airborne sound interference between two final work areas. It leads to a quieter area that may be adjacent to noisier rooms.

3. The high light reflectance value helps you save energy

USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels have a high light-reflective finish with a light reflectance rating of 0.90. Light reflectance (LR) is the total amount of visible light reflected by the panel at all wavelengths and in all directions when illuminated by light.

LR runs on a scale of 0 (0%) to 1.00 (100%) with 100% being perfectly reflective white. The more a ceiling reflects, the less you need to use additional/artificial light to compensate. Therefore, picking acoustical panels with a high light reflectance in key areas of your home or office you occupy reflects more natural light will help you save energy regarding fewer electrical fixtures and lower electric bills.

4. Cleanable and easy to maintain

These acoustical panels have a finish that can be easily scrubbed and washed without causing any damage to the surface. The durable fiberglass substrate and scratch-resistant finish make the panels easy to clean and maintain. Besides acting as a sound barrier, the foil backing on these panels also resists air passing through the surface (breathing) allowing the panels to stay cleaner for longer.

5. Durable

The impact and a scratch resistant surface of USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels guarantee that the panels will last for a long time and still maintain their aesthetic appeal.

6. Ideal for both open and closed plan applications

USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels can be used together with USG Mars Acoustical Panels and USG Logix Integrated Ceiling Systems to create highly unique and beautiful acoustical ceilings. It makes the panels ideal for both open and closed plan applications.

7. Create a non-directional, monolithic ceiling system

You can use USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels to create a seamless monolithic acoustic ceiling system. When properly finished, the unified system also improves impact resistance and durability.

8. 30-year lifetime system warranty

These acoustical panels come with a 30-year lifetime system warranty that guarantees that the panels will not sag under their weight and that the fiberglass will suppress the growth of mold and mildew.

USG Halcyon Planks and Large Size Acoustical Panels are ideal for improving comfort as well as confidentiality. In addition to sound control, added comfort and privacy, these panels are also abuse resistant, and this is crucial especially when it comes to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your office over time.

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