USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels

USG Halcyon Healthcare Ceiling Panels

USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels

Explore The Features And Benefits Of USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels

During the planning and design phase of offices or entire buildings, it is essential to take into account the products or materials that can create an ideal acoustic environment and express a sense of wellbeing to occupants. Therefore, you should conduct an acoustic analysis to determine the echo or reverberation time in the room to develop the best solutions that will help you achieve optimum acoustic standards.

In an environment where many people perform group or individual activities, it’s important to ensure acoustic comfort to enhance productivity. USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels create harmonious areas that provide superior acoustic comfort which reduces stress while improving listening, learning, and teaching and even increases client loyalty. These panels are ideal for numerous areas especially within health facilities including waiting rooms, treatment rooms, patient rooms, laboratories, nurses’ stations, restrooms, lavatories, and kitchens or food preparation areas. Let’s explore the features of USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels in detail:

1. High light reflectance ceilings

USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels are an integral part of indirect lighting because they reflect the light that lands on the ceiling surface back into the room. The ability of a surface to reflect light back into space is usually indicated by it Light Reflectance (LR) value. These acoustical ceiling panels have a high light-reflective finish that has an LR value of 0.90 which means that they can reflect 90% of the light striking the ceiling surface.

A high light reflectance value has a positive impact on lighting and general energy use of a room or building. It is because the high light-reflective finish leads to an increase in light level and this means that energy costs can be reduced by using fewer lighting fixtures or using the existing lighting fixtures at lower wattage levels.

2. Easy maintenance

Washable and scrubbable products such as USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels are outstanding when it comes to ease of maintenance. They are designed to withstand much more abuse because the high light-reflective finish is not easily eaten away by just washing or scrubbing through the surface. The surface will remain consistent and beautiful even after washing and cleaning the surface numerous times. Therefore, these panels do not need routine repairs, touch-ups or complete repaints.

3. Highly durable

USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels are highly durable and ideal for use in areas that require added levels of scratch and impact resistance especially when the plenum is regularly accessed. Impact and scratch resistance show that the panels can withstand occasional abuse without showing wear and tear. It makes these panels ideal for use in various spaces in schools and hospital facilities where it frequent access to plenum might be necessary to facilitate repair and maintenance of building systems such as HVAC.

4. Perfect for healthcare applications

FGI (Facility Guidelines Institute) is a non-profit organization that develops planning design and building guidelines for health care facilities such as hospitals and laboratories in the United States. These research-informed and consensus-based guidelines are commonly used by facility owners, designers, builders and regulators around the U.S and abroad to protect public safety, health and welfare. USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels exceed these guidelines and hence ideal for use in various healthcare facilities.

5. 30-Year lifetime system warranty

USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels come with ClimaPlus 30-year system warranty which guarantees that the panels will resist visible sag and the growth of mold and mildew.

6. Excellent acoustics

Studies show that due to the massive contribution of ceilings to acoustic performance, USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels provide superior sound control. These panels have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.95 or 1.00 which means that they absorb between 95% and 100% of the sound waves that land on the ceiling surface. It allows for greater sound control and increased room-to-room noise control even in open-plan areas. Therefore, USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels are ideal for use in environments where people need to have private and confidential conversations such as in hospitals during consultation and treatment.

Echoes and high noise levels can lead to distortion of sound making it difficult hear what people are saying. On the other hand, sound reverberations can cause extreme discomfort which leads to high-stress levels. For instance, in a hospital setting, noise and sound echoes can be very annoying to both patients and doctors as it can quickly divert their attention. Installing USG Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels is a highly effective way of reducing or canceling out the noise levels and increasing confidentiality.

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