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USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels

An Overview Of USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels

Noise from the streets, neighbors or nearby industries can be a source of annoyance and stress. Moreover, exposure to excessive noise has been linked to lower concentration levels, headaches, a decrease in productivity among employees and adverse effects on cardiovascular health. USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels have a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.95 and excellent CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class) performance which reduces these effects. They are manufactured using a unique process that maximizes anti-sag performance and sound control.

1. Excellent acoustic performance

NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) is a measurement of how much sound or noise is absorbed when sound waves strike the surface of the ceiling panels. USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels are the best solution for excessive noise. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.95, USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels offer excellent acoustic properties by absorbing up to 95% of sound waves improving the acoustics of any space by reducing volume levels.

2. Improve lighting efficiency

The ceiling design feature for indirect lighting because this is the first surface light strikes. Poor uniformity causes discomfort and poor images on computer and TV screens. Therefore, when your ceiling has excellent light reflectance and diffusion, you’ll need fewer light fixtures to provide the same illumination. USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels have a high light-reflective finish with a light reflectance (LR) rating of 0.90 which means that 90% of the light that lands on the finish is reflected back into the room. It improves lighting efficiency mainly because they absorb less light compared to ceilings with lower LR.

3. Reduce energy use

The high light-reflective finish also reduces wiring costs, fewer lamp replacements, less heat generation, less operating energy and lower HVAC cooling costs. Installing USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels contributes to LEED credits, and it’s also a good way of increasing occupant productivity and satisfaction.

The high light-reflective finish can also brighten up space and also enlarges the area visually creating the illusion of more room. Lowering your ceiling by installing USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels provides excellent insulation which reduces your energy bill because there is less space to heat up.

4. Easy maintenance due to the impact and scratch-resistant finish

USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels has a washable and scrubbable finish that facilitates easy cleaning with a vacuum or soft brush. These panels are durable and long lasting because just washing and scrubbing the panels will not destroy the high light-reflective finish.

5. Ideal for both open and closed plan applications

In both open and closed plan applications, the acoustical performance of various surfaces including walls and ceilings must be controlled to maintain speech privacy. It is because different applications such as general office areas, executive offices, and conference areas have a different sound and confidentiality requirements. USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels are ideal for both open and closed plan applications because they are compatible with USG Logix Acoustical Panels. Therefore, these panels can be combined to ensure that the overall noise level is compatible with space and its intended use.

6. Sag and mold and mildew resistant

Indoor air can easily cause other ceiling panels to sag. USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels offer high resistance to moisture which protects them against buckling, warping and visible sag. It is the main reason why these panels come with ClimaPlus 30-year limited system warranty.

7. Eco-friendly materials

USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels have high post-consumer recycled content. Therefore, it’s an all round choice that offers a unique combination of excellent performance, smart looks, green materials and easy installation. The panels made from sound absorbing and eco-friendly material. They are available in HRC (High Recycled Content), and this ensures that post-consumer material kept out of landfills and reduced environmental pollution.

8. Create a monolithic, structured acoustical ceiling visual

Nowadays, solid construction is the most efficient ceiling technology because it offers a range of possibilities for planning and architectural concepts. USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels allow the creation of free designs and layouts with different ceiling heights and wide spans. Monolithic ceilings have no joints, and there are no problems with hermetic sealing and junctions.

Noise affects the way we behave and feel both in the office and at home. The sound is particularly vital in the working environment. Some of the most common complaints in the workplace include high noise levels, the distraction of conversations, overheard extraneous conversations and lack of speech privacy. Installing USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels is the most efficient way of dealing with such issues because they will reduce the reflection of sound by dampening reverberation and echo to create the perfect acoustic environment.