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USG Mars Acoustical Panels

USG Mars Acoustical Panels High NRC

An In-depth Review of USG Mars High-NRC Planks and Large Sizes Acoustical Panels

Using USG Mars Acoustical Panels is a great way of improving both sound quality and style. However, installing acoustical panels in any room does not mean that you must compromise style for function. It’s important to add a dash of style that will create a better impression (image and feel) of your home or office to employees, guests, and clients (both potential grains of sand existing). These panels are not only molded resistant and fine textured, but they also offer high light reflectance values, excellent noise reduction, and sag resistance to anyone who wants to enjoy the best sound quality and ambiance without sacrificing style and visual appeal.

Here are the main benefits of using USG Mars/USG Mars High-NRC Planks and Large Sizes Acoustical Panels

1. Excellent sound control

High-occupancy educational, institutional and workplace interiors can generate high noise levels that may have adverse effects on health, concentration, and productivity of occupants. A recent study by ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) reported that interruptions and distractions have an adverse impact on the productivity. The study defined uncontrolled noise and conversational distractions as the main categories. According to the ASID research, potential gains of open-plan offices are offset by concentration and productivity losses in part due to noise.

USG Mars Acoustical Panels are the highest NRC mineral fiber planks available. NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) is used to determine the effectiveness of a product or particular material when used for sound control. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.90, these mineral fiber planks absorb up to 90% of the sound waves that land on them. Therefore, properly designed and implemented USG Mars Acoustical Panels can reduce time-consuming interruptions which will have a positive impact on overall productivity.

2. Improve energy efficiency

USG Mars Acoustical Panels feature a high light-reflective finish with a light reflectance rating of 0.90. Therefore, these planks reflect 90% of the visible light that lands on their high light-reflective finish. Lighting is the primary source of energy consumption in most buildings. However, lights wasted because it is inflexible, too bright, competing with natural light or illuminating empty spaces.

Therefore, it is essential to install energy efficient light sources, especially in corporate environments. Softer, secondary light sources can create a comfortable environment in the workplace and increase productivity. USG Mars Acoustical Panels ensure that light bounces off the ceiling surface are providing an even and soft glow to space below. It also allows you to reduce power density and lighting levels. On the other hand, there will be no cost increase because fewer light fixtures will be required leading to a significant reduction in energy expenses.

3. Easy cleaning and maintenance

USG Mars Acoustical Panels have a scrubbable and washable that is scratch and impact resistant. It makes them if hiding surface imperfections. While most acoustical panel finishes are not washable, USG Mars Acoustical Panels are designed to be washable and scrubbable while still maintaining the beautiful, high light-reflective finish.

4. Maximize LEED credits

USG Mars Acoustical Panels are available in high recycled formulations which can help the building maximize its LEED credits. It contributes to the progress the world is making towards efficient use of resources which include recycling. Maximizing LEED recycled content contribution also reduces the impact on natural systems and remedies that support life. Achieved by ensuring that the materials that make up various products today will be used as raw materials to manufacture new products in the future. It shows that recycling and efficiency can occur along with the production of healthier and environmentally friendly building products.

5. Reduce installation time and waste

You can use USG Mars Acoustical Panels to create a non-directional monolithic visual that reduces waste and installation time. Installation or set-up time is the period required to prepare the space for use. Reducing installation time will increase your flexibility to satisfy customer demands and reduce your organization’s running costs. Other benefits of reducing installation time and waste include increased capacity, shorter lead time, better utilization of the workforce, less process variability, improved cash flow and more consistent processes.

6. Warranty against visible sag, mold, and mildew

USG Mars Acoustical Panels have a 30-year system warranty that safeguards you against unexpected failures including visible sag, mold, and mildew. It enhances your ROI (Return on Investment) and also removes the buying anxiety of the purchase.

7. GREENGUARD certified product

USG Mars Acoustical Panels are GREENGUARD certified products, and this gives assurance that they meet chemical emissions limit designed for indoor use. It contributes to the creation of good interiors. GREENGUARD certification procedures include testing methods, product sample collection, handling, and allowable emission levels as well as toxicity limits and application processes.

Designing your workplace to be conducive to productivity and excellence takes more than simply suing the best technology. The durability, attractiveness, easiness to clean and performance of USG Mars Acoustical Panels make them an ideal choice for department stores, lobbies, reception areas, general office spaces, and corridors. Providing the right acoustics and good ambiance also inspires clients and encourages employees to deliver their best. Depending on your office environment and target customers, you can use USG Mars/USG Mars High-NRC Planks and Large Sizes Acoustical Panels to design your office to give your employees and clients a mood boost.