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USG Mars High-NRC CAC Ceiling Panels

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels

In the modern workplace and home, the importance of attaining good sound insulation is a primary concern. One of the most efficient options for reducing noise and reverberations is installing an acoustical ceiling in your home or office. USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels are specially designed and structured with the ultimate goal of controlling sound and enhancing sound quality.

Although there are numerous ways of controlling the acoustics of any given environment, using an acoustical ceiling system is one of the most functional and aesthetically appealing options. USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels have the perfect combination of noise isolation (40 CAC) and noise reduction coefficient (NRC of up to 0.90) and hence offer excellent acoustic performance.

1. Ideal acoustic performance

With a noise reduction coefficient of up to 0.90 NRC and ceiling attenuation class of up to 40 CAC, USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels offer excellent acoustical performance. They combine two important factors in their design and construction. Sound absorption decreases both general sound levels and specific sound frequencies in a space that make it difficult to communicate clearly and concisely. Therefore, these acoustical panels are beneficial not only by absorbing sound waves but also by adjusting reverberations in any given environment. They also prevent airborne sound waves from traveling into the ceiling plenum and adjacent rooms especially when the dividing walls do not connect with the primary/structural ceiling.

2. Increase lighting efficiency

USG Mars High-NRC Acoustical Ceiling Panels have a high light-reflective finish with a light reflectance rating (LRR) of 0.90. Therefore, installing these panels in any space is a safe and very efficient way of reducing lighting fixtures and increasing light efficiency. When used in the ceilings of any environment, these panels result in increased safety and security and reduced energy consumption. Therefore, once you install USG Mars High-NRC Acoustical Ceiling Panels in your home or office space, you are bound to enjoy long-term benefits regarding lower energy bills.

3. Easy maintenance: Washable and scrubbable finish

To ensure adequate sanitation including safe food, equipment used in areas where food is handled, processed or served designed, constructed, and fabricated according to the proper sanitary principles. USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels have a washable and scrubbable plant-based binder finish that guarantees maximum sanitation and easy maintenance. It ensures that the panels can quickly and adequately sanitize and that the surface is resistant to exposure to sanitizing and cleaning chemicals. It’s essential to understand that equipment and materials that do not meet sanitary design principles cannot be adequately cleaned or sanitized.

4. Durable finish

USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels are impact and scratch resistant. In practical terms, scratches are the first visible signs of damage. However, these panels have a plant based binder finish will not only provide substrate protection but also maintain great appearance for a long time. Since the surface will have to face light impact, pressure and abrasion during its service life, the coating needs to play a protective role by being resistant to scratches and impact. The primary function of the plant based binder finish is to maintain the original appearance and appeal of the panels by reducing physical damage.

5. Aesthetic appeal

USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels coordinate visually with USG Halcyon Acoustical Ceiling Panels for both open and closed plan applications. They are also compatible with USG Logix integrated ceiling systems. Therefore, you can easily combine these two types of ceiling panels to create a unique, visually appealing ceiling system that will not only create a great acoustic environment but also impress your clients and guests with great visuals.

6. Easy and quick installation

You can use USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels to give your ceiling a uniform appearance and refined visual results. Moreover, a non-directional monolithic ceiling is easy to install, and it also reduces waste. Therefore, you can expect minimal downtime and will be able to resume normal activity in a new and comfortable environment in no time.

7. Resist visible sag and the growth of mold and mildew

USG Mars High-NRC Acoustical Ceiling Panels come with ClimaPlus 30-year lifetime system warranty. It guarantees that the ceiling tiles will not sag under their weight and that they will resist the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, you can rest assured that your ceiling will still be aesthetically pleasing many years after installation.

8. Energy efficient and sustainable

USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels are available with HRC (High Recycled Content) made from post-consumer waste. Therefore, installing these acoustical panels in any space can help you improve the LEED credits (environmental integrity and value) of eth building project. It is a good way of promoting recycling and diverting wastes that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

9. Low VOC emissions

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) testing has become important and popular in many industries. USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels are low-emitting products that meet CA Specification 01350 of the CDHS (California Department of Health Services) practice for testing of VOC emissions. These emissions are ozone precursor pollutants, and some are even considered carcinogens. Choosing products and material with low VOC emissions such (Volatile Organic Compounds) helps improve indoor air quality.

10. Class A Fire Rated

USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels are Class A fire rated which means that they are difficult to ignite. They also take longer to burn through, and this gives occupants ample time to escape to safety, and for first responders to react in case, a fire breaks out.

Sag resistant and mold and mildew resistant, USG Mars High-NRC/High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels offer superior sound absorption and light reflectance values. Their attractiveness, durability and excellent performance make them an ideal choice for a broad range of spaces.

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