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USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels

An Overview Of USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels

Engineered for maximum noise reduction and used extensively in the healthcare industry, USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels have proven to be quite beneficial especially in health care spaces where echo and the reverberant sound is a problem. They have a high noise reduction coefficient of 0.90 which is quite high because they absorb up to 90% of the sound. USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels feature a water-repellent membrane that is designed to be very durable and deliver sag resistance, high light reflectance, and excellent noise reduction.

1. Excellent sound control

USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels offer the highest ability to absorb background sound and increase speech intelligibility. The high NRC rating of 0.90 ensures that these panels provide high-quality soundproofing properties for medical facilities. The design in USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels is such that they can be easily installed on the ceiling to absorb noise and give patients a calm environment that encourages quick recovery.

2. Highlight reflective finish

Knowing the panel’s light reflectance value (LRV) is important especially when creating a mood or coordinating colors. It helps hospitals, businesses, homes, and schools stay energy efficient. USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels have a light reflectance value of 0.90 which helps reduce energy use and light fixtures. Choosing acoustical panels with a higher LRV won’t require as much air conditioning or lighting as panels that warm easily and soak up light. However, panels with a lower LRV soak up more light than they reflect. Therefore, USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels reflect more light back into the room and make space seem more expansive.

3. Easy-care characteristics

USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels combine the advantages of truly easy-care features and an attractive highlight reflective AirCare finish. These panels are soil resistant, washable and scrubbable. They provide healthcare facilities with a truly durable, Exceptionally easy-to-maintain and beautiful finish for interior ceiling panels, especially in areas that have high traffic.

4. Impact and scratch resistant

USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels have a 30-year lifetime system warranty against sagging as well as the growth of mold and mildew. These panels are also sturdy, and they can easily survive shock and impact loads. Moreover, these impact resistant panels won’t flake or chip during transportation or installation. They don’t crack or chip until they reach their yield point. Poor impact resistance and brittleness are some of the poor characteristics of traditional ceiling panels known to spall and crack under high cyclic and high load fatigue conditions. These downsides restrict the use of some types of acoustical panels in a position where impact and shock loads may cause scratches and cracks.

5. Achieves FDA standards for cleanability, smoothness, and durability

Standards for design, construction, and fabrication of food equipment and other facilities developed by various standards organizations. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) routinely inspect facilities and food equipment for clean design, fabrication, and construction as well as installation. The Food and Drug Administration follows cGMPs (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) which address the cleanability and manufacturer of food equipment. USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels achieve FDA standards for cleanability, smoothness, and durability. Therefore, these panels are perfect for areas that require the best sanitary conditions such as kitchens and different areas in healthcare facilities.

6. Design and aesthetic appeal

USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels beautifully designed with a broad range of colors. Therefore, everyone can easily get aesthetically appealing panels that blend in their existing interior design and you don’t need to make any further modifications after installing the panels. Therefore, once you decide to install acoustical panels, they can as well add to the general appeal of the space where they are mounted. In fact, people who are not familiar with acoustical panels cannot tell the difference between the panels and other features and decorations in the facility.

7. Environmentally friendly

AirCare coating applied to the panels both face and back, and this helps reduce up to 75% of formaldehyde over a ten-year period. Formaldehyde is a flammable, strong-smelling and colorless chemical commonly used in various building materials and household products. Exposure to this dangerous chemical by breathing air contains off-gassed formaldehyde. Formaldehyde causes irritation to the eyes, throat, nose and skin. However, high levels of exposure to formaldehyde can cause some types of cancers.

Therefore, by reducing up to 75% of formaldehyde over a ten-year period, USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels help to reduce exposure to this potentially dangerous chemical and the problems it causes.

USG Mars Healthcare Acoustical Panels deliver excellent sound control that is very helpful in meeting HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards. These privacy standards address the disclosure and use of health information and administrative simplification rules that apply to health care clearinghouses and health plans. Therefore, besides providing excellent sound control, these panels also guarantee privacy especially when it comes to transmission of health information in health care facilities.