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USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels

A Comprehensive Review Of USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels

Any space with excellent acoustics promotes a calm and refreshing environment. Huge enclosed offices usually want to control sound and how it travels. USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels can help by acting as an enhancer or cushion to the transmission of sound. These panels can quickly change the nature of sound in a room, for instance by enhancing privacy in offices, improving sound quality and refining speech quality in spaces such as classrooms and work areas. Besides improving acoustics, installing USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels can also turn your lighting fixtures, utility and entire ceiling into stunning design features.

Why should you install USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels?

1. Create a monolithic, structured ceiling visual

USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels can be used to create a monolithic structure ceiling visible using only standard tools and components. It creates a visually pleasing and seamless ceiling structure and also makes installation very simple, fast and convenient especially for businesses that can only allow minimal downtime.

2. Minimize energy use by reducing light fixtures

The panels have a high light-reflective finish (LR 0.90). Therefore, the ceiling reflects up to 90% of the visible light that lands on the ceiling surface. Using a 90% reflective ceiling allows the spacing between light fixtures to increase reducing the total number of light fixtures needed to achieve light levels similar to ceilings with lower Light reflectance. It also allows you to reduce the power density which reduces the cooling load and overall energy use. Using USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels can have a positive impact in the form of energy savings especially if the building or room is in cooling year round.

3. Resistance visible sag, mold and mildew

USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels come with ClimaPlus 30-year System Warranty, and this guarantees that the panels will resist visible sag, mold, and mildew even when subjected to high humidity.

4. Greater cleaning strength

The industry has been looking for ways to meet customer demands for ceiling panels that can be washed and scrubbed quickly and still maintain their sophisticated look. USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels are durable, cost efficient and highly beneficial because they have a protective finish that is washable and scrubbable. They also have a very subtle texture that adds exceptional visual interest to the room which you cannot easily achieve with other ceiling panels. You can only wash the panels with a sponge or detergent or scrub them gently to remove stubborn stains. Therefore, these panels can meet the different applications and lifestyles, holding up to conditions in high traffic and the wear and tear of frequent washing and scrubbing.

5. Impact and scratch resistant

Scratch and impact resistance is one of the main requirements for products and materials in most internal applications. Scratching characterized by the formation of cavities, micro-voids and surface crazing. Unlike other materials, USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels are impact and scratch resistant. It allows your employee’s clients and guests to enjoy an ambient and comfortable environment without the irritation of unsightly cracks and scratches.

6. Vibrant and stimulating design

USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels coordinate visually with USG Halcyon Logix Acoustical Panels for both open and closed plan applications. Therefore, you can combine these two types of ceiling panels to complement your color scheme and add visual appeal to any space. The panels are also compatible with USG Logix Integrated System, and you can work with your designer or architect to create an efficient sound control system and provide a pleasant visual presence.

7. Low-emitting performance

USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels are GREENGUARD Gold Certified products for low-emitting performance. This certification helps buyers identify products that have low chemical emissions to improve indoor air quality. GREENGUARD Gold Certified products also advance the mission of promoting environmental health, safety, and global sustainability.

8. Balanced acoustics

Sound can easily bounce around and behave erratically in some environments. An effective solution for spaces with poor acoustics would have high CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class) to block sound from adjacent workstations and high NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) to reduce reverberant sound. USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels have high HRC and high CAC. Therefore, they provide perfect acoustics by minimizing unwanted noise and blocking sound from traveling to adjourning rooms through the ceiling plenum.

Studies show that acoustics within an environment have an additional effect on productivity, work turnover, errors that may occur and the quality of service and care to clients. Installing USG Mars Logix Acoustical Panels refines room acoustics and considerably improves the psychological well-being and overall productivity in the workplace.