USG Olympia Micro Acoustical Ceiling Panels

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USG Olympia Micro Ceiling Panels

USG Olympia Micro Acoustical Ceiling Panels

A Detailed Review Of USG Olympia Micro Acoustical Ceiling Panels

Most of us have been interrupted by the noise coming from neighboring buildings, loud music and noise coming from the streets outside. The opposite might also be true, neighboring offices or homes complaining about the noise generated by your operations that interrupt their peace and general well-being. It is mainly because noise sound waves naturally pass through various mediums including air and walls. Therefore, different frequencies of sound vibrations exit and enter our premises.

We can obstruct sound waves by constructing soundproof building sand offices with USG Olympia Micro Acoustical Ceiling Panels. These panels have an excellent light reflective finish, noise absorption, and ceiling attenuation, mold and mildew resistance, making them the ideal choice especially for classrooms, retail stores, reception and lobby areas, and restaurants.

Features, specifications, and benefits

1. Reduce artificial light fixtures and energy use.

Artificial lighting accounts for a huge portion of the energy use of most buildings. USG Olympia Micro Acoustical Ceiling Panels have an excellent light reflective finish with a light reflectance (LR) of 0.86 which means that they reflect 86% of the natural and artificial light that lands on the surface. Therefore, integrating these acoustical panels in the construction of your building is a critical first step to ensuring that your building has a sustainable lighting scheme. It is an effective way of reducing energy use and overall operational costs. They also provide visual comfort to all occupants and can help improve well-being and productivity. Installing acoustical panels that have a high light reflective finish also reduces the demand for artificial light fixtures.

2. Reduce installation time and waste.

These panels have a non-directional pattern that reduces set-up time and waste, helping to lower costs dramatically. Therefore, your normal operations will not be interrupted for long and occupants can resume work in no time and reduce losses that result from lengthy downtime. On the other hand, your clients will continue to enjoy your services and only notice minimal interruptions, if any.

3. Economical option

USG Olympia Micro Acoustical Ceiling Panels are an inexpensive way of soundproofing your building and improving its aesthetics. These fine-textured acoustical panels are relatively cheap, and the installation costs are considerably lower.

4. The High Recycled Content (HRC) helps maximize Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) recycled content contribution.

LEED is a system of design for sites and buildings that encourage the use of technologies and products that conserve non-renewable resources. These panels are available in high recycled content which helps accelerate the implementation of green and sustainable building practices. Therefore, they promote various key areas of environmental and human health and can assist the building to earn LEED points in various credit categories.

5. Biobased product

USG Olympia micro Acoustical Ceiling Panels are USDA Certified Biobased Products obtained from renewable materials. They provide a viable alternative to petroleum-derived products because they reduce the need for petroleum-based products and reduce dependence on various fossil fuels. It reduces the necessity of burning and mining of fossil carbon which helps us control climate change.

They are also low-emitting products that meet California Specification, CDPH standard for testing and evaluation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions.

6. Available with High-NRC (0.60) and CAC (30-35)

Acoustical panels are mainly installed to help reduce noise pollution by absorbing background noises and echo. The high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.60 means that these panels absorb 60% of the sound waves that hit their surface. Therefore, they help control reverberation sounds to create a calm ambiance. On the other hand, the CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class) of 30-35 is perfect for blocking sound from traveling to adjacent spaces through the ceiling.

7. Warranty against visible sag and the growth of mold and mildew.

Mold and mildew damage also reduces the value of your building. In fact, severe cases can make it almost impossible to insure the building and render it unsellable. USG Olympia micro Acoustical Ceiling Panels come with ClimaPlus 30-year lifetime system warranty that ensures that the panels will not sag and they’ll also resist the growth of mold and mildew, hence improving the value of the building.

8. Class A fire rating

USG Olympia Micro Acoustical Ceiling Panels are Class A fire rated which means that they have a very low flame spread. Therefore, if you cover your ceiling with these acoustical panels, they will repel fire for as long as they possibly can and prevent a fire from spreading through the building.

Most people consider USG Olympia Micro Acoustical Ceiling Panels for their work areas and homes so they can have more concentration and privacy in doing their craft or task. These fine-textured panels also provide better aesthetics especially when it comes to the building’s interior design. Therefore, besides improving acoustics, these panes can also be used to add elegance and sophistication to space.