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USG Orion Ceiling Panels

USG Orion Acoustical Ceiling Panels

USG Orion Acoustical Ceiling Panels Review

High levels of background noise usually irritate most people in both commercial and residential areas. Now you can address this problem using USG Orion Acoustical Ceiling Panels. These panels are designed to provide a modern, clean aesthetic in a ceiling system that can quickly mold into various custom shapes. When soundproofing is particularly essential for sound and noise control, these acoustical panels offer the control you need. With a light reflective finish, non-directional solid finish and excellent noise reduction, these panels are the perfect solution for schools, general office, hotels, conference areas, and lobbies.

Features and benefits of USG Orion Acoustical Ceiling Panels

1. Highlight reflective finish

With a light reflectance (LR) of 0.87, these panels have proven to be highly effective in reducing artificial light fixtures and overall energy use in buildings. Besides optimizing the available light, the highlight reflective finish also eliminates glare, and this boosts comfort and productivity in the workplace.

2. Excellent noise reduction

If you have severe problems with excessive noise and poor sound quality, you need to choose the most effective acoustical panels that can take care of these challenges. USG Orion Acoustical Ceiling Panels are available in significantly different levels sound absorption including NRC 0.85, 0.75 and 0.60. Therefore, if you are looking for acoustical ceiling panels that absorb noise and improve speech privacy in any particular setting, you can choose from the three options this product has to offer depending on your needs.

3. Washable and scrubbable finish

These panels are highly beneficial no only for their aesthetic appearance and sound absorption properties, but their highlight reflective surface can be easily cleaned and washed with a brush and mild detergent. Therefore, the washable and scrubbable finish adds to the durability and longevity of your ceiling. The scrubbable finish offers greater cleaning strength because they can handle detergent which is particularly useful in various heavy wear areas. Washable and scrubbable ceiling panels remove any fears of cleaning and also make your ceiling more durable.

4. Impact and scratch resistant

Impact resistant acoustical panels offer tested toughness against numerous forms of potential damage including abrasions, minor indentations, surface wear and soft-body implications. Therefore, specifying USG Orion Acoustical Ceiling Panels in commercial settings provides significant transportation, maintenance, and labor savings mainly because of their life-cycle efficiency. On the other hand, impact-resistant acoustical panels make the process of installing acoustical panels capable of handling abuse more efficiently than other materials. Its lower initial cost, installation simplicity, and speed reduce labor expense and engineering requirements. Moreover, removing, remodeling or adding ceilings and walls in the future is less costly and easier with impact and scratch-resistant acoustical panels.

5. Visual appeal

Another important factor you need to consider is the overall aesthetic quality of the acoustical ceiling panels. USG Orion Acoustical Ceiling Panels coordinate visually with USG halcyon Acoustical Panels for both open and closed plan applications. These acoustical panels are designed to provide a modern, clean aesthetic in a ceiling system that can be easily molded into various custom shapes to create a brilliant dramatic effect.

6. Reduce overall installation time and waste with a non-directional, monolithic visual

USG Orion Acoustical Ceiling Panels allow for a monolithic ceiling design without any visible joints or breaks and provide superior acoustics for offices, classrooms, and lobbies. The non-directional, monolithic visual also reduces waste and installation time. You’ll avoid doing a lot of renovation and construction by just hanging the ceiling from the existing ceiling and installing the acoustical ceiling panels. Therefore, space will instantly look new at a fraction of what you expected to incur.

7. ClimaPlus 30-year Lifetime Warranty against sagging, mold, and mildew

Impact resistant USG Orion Acoustical Ceiling Panels are tough against visible sag, mold, and mildew, too. The surface is treated to resist water infiltration, absorption and the growth of mold and mildew to help protect the ceiling surface and the structures above them.

Sound reverberations can distort sound and makeS it difficult for occupants to communicate effectively. In fact, noise can lead to significantly high-stress levels. USG Orion Acoustical Ceiling Panels will help reduce or cancel out annoying and irritating NOISE. They are cheap to maintain and easy to maintain, and you’ll be surprised at how great your ceiling will look without breaking the bank.