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USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Install USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels

The most common sound issues in indoor spaces are reverberation, flutter, and echo. Besides being incredibly annoying, excessive noise can also cause serious health concerns including loss of hearing. However, it is vital to understand that noise is an issue that can be eliminated or reduced in almost every situation. USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels are designed to enhance the overall sound quality in a room and prevent sound waves from traveling from one place to adjacent spaces. With these benefits in mind, numerous businesses and institutions are installing acoustical ceiling panels in their facilities to create a serene and pleasant working environment that enhances overall productivity and well-being in the workplace. These vinyl face-laminated fiberglass panels also improve the overall design of any space in which installed.

1. Excellent noise reduction

Every space that has floors, walls, ceilings and other hard surfaces is prone to reverberation or echo issues. In such areas and rooms, you are likely to face issues such as difficulty in understanding lectures or speech and distortion of music among other annoying problems. Installing USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels is the best solution in such situations. These panels made from a sound-absorbing material that absorbs unwanted sound and control reverberations to create a comfortable environment. They can be installed using a suspension grid or by only fixing them directly to the ceiling. They will make your discussions inaudible people outside the rooms and noises from the workplace or streets will not disturb your meetings. It is one of the main reasons why acoustical ceilings are very popular especially in the business world.

2. Easy and quick to install

USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels involve a straightforward and quick installation process which is great especially if you need them fixed fairly promptly. It guarantees minimum downtime for your business processes. It’s also a great option for people who want to carry out easy and quick maintenance or renovation to their process.

3. Easy installation and maintenance

USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels have a lightweight basement that makes installation easy. They also require little and easy maintenance over their lifespan. It is both an economical and environmental benefit because they need less material for maintenance and less frequent replacement than alternatives. Impact and abrasions are less likely to damage the panels, reducing repairs. On the other hand, they do not require varnishing or painting. The vinyl surface is also washable making them perfect for retail stores. These vinyl face-laminated, fiberglass ceiling panels enable and ultra-low maintenance approach that saves you money and time.

4. ClimaPlus 30-year warranty for visible sag and the growth of mold and mildew

USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels reduce visible sag and are inherently resistant to the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, these panels can be used even in high-humidity areas without worrying about the increase of mold and mildew which is not only harmful to our health but also reduces the lifespan of the panels. You can rest assured that these acoustical ceiling panels will not sag under their weight and also allow constant access to the plenum without getting damaged.

5. Available in High Recycled Content (HRC)

USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels are made primarily from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials. They contain more than 50% recycled material without compromising visual appeal, physical properties, and performance. Nowadays, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the general environmental impact of building materials, and manufacturers are looking at recycled content as part of the long-term solution. USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels have demonstrated that recycled content holds up in the production of new, reliable acoustical panels.

6. Enhanced aesthetics

Another critical benefit of USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels is that they improve the aesthetics of both residential and commercial interior spaces. They are usually suspended from concrete ceilings and cover, pipes, fixtures, wires and other construction blemishes giving the space a clean finish. Besides providing the perfect atmosphere to conduct your business and hold meetings, these panels also portray a strong image about the inherent characteristics your business or organization. They make a visual statement that is both useful and very powerful.

USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels are available in different colors that can satisfy even the most demanding decorative preferences. On the other hand, business meetings usually include sharing of sensitive or confidential information which can compromise the success of your company if it overheard. Use USG Premier Hi-Lite Acoustical Panels to control reverberations and ensure that which discussed during meetings or interviews remains within the room.